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Yoga Nidra & Sound


Yoga Nidra is a soft method to enter a state of deep relaxation, physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

It is a composed expression in Sanskrit, the ancient language of the Brahmans in India. Yoga means awareness/oneness and Nidra stands for sleep.


Therefore it can be translated as „aware sleep“, which explains beautifully the effect of this practice: the complete fresh start of your system.


Yoga Nidra is practised in the laying position, and similar to a guided meditation you wander through all your body parts with your mind. Intention setting and breathing are an important part of it as well.

Your attention is brought to all your senses, relieving them from the stimulus satiation of our often rather hectic day to day life. The body gets grounded and and comes to rest.

The endless chatter of the mind is brought to the present moment and consciousness is guided to right here and now.

The resulting very deep relaxation has an healing effect on all three levels, and if practised regularly, Yoga Nidra can ease and enrich your life immensely.

Magnificant sound healers carry you wit the sound of their instruments into even greater depths. You travel on the waves of the healing sounds, they vibrate in every cell and allow you emerge into states of consciousness beyond thought. 

My voice and the sounds weave a net of healing energy, where you can safely fall back and let go, arriving completely in the moment with yourself.

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