„What can not be proved does not exist!“

That was my view on things for quite a time, and anyone who would say something different had just no clue of reality. „Esoterism“ was something for freaks and to come into contact with spirituality made me angry or even aggressive.


After a happy childhood in Tübingen am Neckar, I spent my youth with my family in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, where I felt at home since the first day we had arrived. Returning to Germany at the age of 18 was very hard for me. I finished high school and after 3 years of practical restaurant and hotel education I studied gastronomic business management. Working with people was great, but there was always the feeling that there's „more“ for me...


My spiritual awakening was rather intense than smooth. The universe gave me the opportunity of choice in a glass clear vision of one of my former incarnations: either there was more to it than science could explain for now, or I had to admit I was going insane. I chose the first option and dived deeply into that vision, finally allowing to reveal itself what had been waiting for a long time...


Since that day my life has been in constant change, bringing me closer to myself with every day. Being an empath and a highly sensitive personality, which had been diagnosed as „borderline disorder“ so far, finally made sense. Now my soul was granted healing as well, until then I had just been dealing with the physical and mental aspects. Everything became a whole one. I realised which is my task in this incarnation, and from there on I was open for everything that life holds for me.


Hangab was introduced to me in October 2015 by it's creator Hartmut Bez, and after a second session with him in spring 2016, I knew: this is exactly, what I had been waiting for. I had felt the desire to help others on their path of spiritual healing for quite a while, and this method finally was „mine“ to share. For this I am very grateful. I accomplished all three workshops with Petra and Hartmut at the „Hangabzentrum Bodensee“ in 2016 and since December 2016 I am an official  Hangab practicioner.

The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson is one of my latetst discoveries, and work with it with myself and my family on a regular base. It's such a gift to release trapped energies without any drama, just by trusting in the healing power of creation.


Yoga Nidra first was introduced to me at the Ayahuasca Healing Center „Nimea Kaya“ in Peru. The deep healing effect of it inspired me to share it with others as well - thank you Minas for this exceptional experience!

The first Yoga Nidra & Sound Ceremonies were a co creation with my dear friend Alexandra Ott. I am very grateful ever since to work with exceptional sound healers and to weave the healing energetic web, where the participants can allow themselves fall safely into and surrender.


My own self healing process started with lightenergetics. At this point I want to thank my mother for introducing me to it and for supporting me on my spiritual path. In one of Elisabeth Berger's animal communication workshops, I was able to go deeper into it and I highly appreciate this healing method, which can be applied anywhere and anytime.

The calling of Cacao reached me through wonderful people which I am so happy to call them my friends. After only a few ceremonies I knew I wanted to bring this healing plant also to others, because the world needs more people who act from the heart instead of just from the mind.

Working with this tender plant spirit rounds up my shamanic repertoire just perfectly and I am very grateful that this medicine came to me and that I am allowed to do so ♥

The Rapé medicine was introduced to me by Nika Nunnari and Darko Frketic  in an individual healing plant ceremony, which wrapped up a very important part of my life and opened new doors to my evolving. After working with it with myself and friends for a while, it was very clear that this is also part of my shamanic work also for people beyond my close environment.

Shibari Tantra connects my past to the present, the surrender and awareness of my clients always touches me deeply. I am so grateful to accompany people on their way of leaving old doctrines behind and opening up to the moment.

The Chocolate manufactory  used to only a hobby, until I realised that others might also be interested in learning how to create their own vegan, sustainable and  chocolate. To offer something artisan for a change is truly fun, and the results present themselves in such a variety and exquisitness - what a delight!


Finally I want to thank my whole family, my 'ohana and my two late dogs for their unintentional love and their constant support: without you, I could not be the human I am.

Aho and Namasté