Light Energetics

Light is everywhere energetically speaking and it is the essence of all being.

The universal life energy flows freely in everything, that is.

If this free flow gets blocked, the energy system is in imbalance, which can cause problems/illness on a physical and/or mental level.


The different frequencies of light and their effect on the fine material field can help us to release those blockages. The energetic balance gets restored and the divine energy can flow again freely in us.

This practice activates our self healing forces, it can help ease and heal physical as well as emotional symptoms.


Instead of offering "just" treatments, I teach you through guided meditations, how you can integrate this method easily in your every day life. Like this, you can influence your self -healing process anywhere and anytime you wish.

But if requested, I can also enhance the effect by giving support energetically during an individual session.


Individual sessions are possible indoor, or, if the weather allows it, also in free nature.

An individual session takes 60 min and the energy exchange is between 55,- and 65,- € at your own discretion.

You find group workshops including  energy exchange under

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