Cacao Ceremony

Let us listen togehter to the voices of our heart  and hear what it wants to tell us...

Cacao is one of the oldest healing plants of South- and Central America, which has already been used by the ancient advanced cultures during their healing ceremonies und holy rituals, known as „the gold of the Mayas“.

It contains no psychoactive substances which induce visions like many other well known healing plants from South America such as Ayahuasca or Wachuma (San Pedro), and therefore it has been neglected by the western culture for a long time.

But it's capacity to open the heartspace and to show us the way to the deeper aspects of our being makes it even more valuable in a world, where technology and the mind have taken over most parts of living. The shamans knew about that, and today we have the chance to experience a deeply healing encounter with ourselves by accessing these depths with the help of cacao.


During the ceremony we will enjoy 100 % pure cacao from organic growth and fair production/trade conditions, and the plant spirit will carry us to the intimate desires of our hearts.

Intention setting, light yoga practice/breathwork, guided meditation and especially chosen songs will help to unfold the full effect of the cacao. Through mantras, sharing our experience with others, ecstatic dance and a time of silence at the end we will be able to transcend the healing effect into our daily life.


We close the evening with a potdluck dinner, where everyone can contribute with a vegan dish to our shared meal. We have the chance to connect beyond the ceremony as well, so that the community of hearts can grow stronger and stronger ♥

You can find ceremony days, locations  and energy exchange under  Upcoming Events.