Letting go, being present in the moment, floating through time and space

Hangab can  help to dissolve muscular tensions, energetic blockages as well as yet unprocessed soul themes. The inversion position is known to be very powerful in many different cultures. With Hangab you can experience it completely freely without having to hold anything.


As the the way up is a process of various steps and  takes place very slowly, the body has time to adjust and no pressure builds up in the head. During Hangab Ground, the shoulders stay on the  floor – it makes Hangab also suitable for pregnant women, elder people or anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with going all the way up into Flying  Hangab.

A ground session allows one also to get into the feeling of Hangab and is a nice way for beginners to start to let go.


During a session, the organs experience relief, uneven hip posture can be  re-balanced and the  spinal discs can regenerate. Self-healing energies get reactivated and the whole  energy system  is rebooted  as body, mind and soul enter the still point in a state of deep relaxation.


Working with the spirits allows to let go of what is ready to be left behind: old patterns, suffered  body or soul trauma, pent-up themes and emotions. Turn the world upside down, your roots to the sky and your crown towards mother earth, being supported in a held space –

Hangab means holistic healing on many different  levels.

Individual sessions are possible indoor, or, if the weather allows, also free in nature.

A Flying Hangab session takes about 90 min, the energy exchange is between 90,- and 140,- € at your own discretion.

A Hangab Ground session takes about 60 min, the energy exchange is between 60,- and 90,- € at your own discretion.

You will find scheduling possibilities as well as my appearances at festivals under Upcoming Events.